West Coast Rookie Zack St. Onge Turning Heads Early in 2019

Mooresville, NC (May 9, 2019)- Zack St. Onge pilots the #25 Late Model Stock Chevrolet for Lee Faulk Racing in the CARS Tour 2019 season. St. Onge is in the running for 2019 TORP Chassis Rookie of the Year title and has drawn attention the past few races with his impressive performances.

Born and raised in Upland, California with years of racing and winning experience on the west coast (Quarter Midgets, Bandos, Super Late Models) as a kid, Zack has had some challenges learning the ropes of east coast short track racing. St. Onge relocated to North Carolina with his family in 2017 in which he describes as a tough transition, but he is patiently learning to adjust. The CARS Tour schedule is completely foreign to him. The 17-year-old driver never raced at a track on the east coast until this year, which is a factor in how he has impressed many people. His talents behind the wheel has been seen early and often this season. St. Onge is turning heads, proving to be a hidden gem in the field.

Although St. Onge is at a disadvantage having not seen tracks prior to race day unlike many others, he claims to be excited. Zack loves the challenge and he’s willing to work hard to prove himself. Preparing for a track you’ve never seen before is difficult. “It all comes down to race time. All week I’ve been watching races and qualifying trying to learn these tracks. Learning new tracks is one of my favorite things to do. We’re working really hard to make this season a success, especially my dad. He works harder than anyone”- St. Onge.

Zack St. Onge has scored top-ten finishes at 3 out of the 4 races we’ve had so far and is currently tied for 6th place in the points standings with 2016 tour champion Deac McCaskill. In addition, the young driver sits 2nd in 2019 TORP Chassis Rookie of the Year points, just seven points out of being the top rookie of the field. With many obstacles up ahead being the new kid on the block, Zack is optimistic about his current and future performance. “I feel like this is where I should be. I love working with Lee Faulk and learning. This is a good point for me right now”- St. Onge

The biggest surprise thus far this season has to be Zack St. Onge, driver of the #25 Lee Faulk Racing Late Model Stock Car.

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