Lee Faulk began winning races as a driver in the 1970s throughout the state of Florida. His success landed him a ride in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series in 1991 where he went on to compete for several years at the top level of NASCAR.

Faulk winning at New Smyrna Speedway

After moving to Lake Norman in 2005 to follow his son Michael’s own racing career the two faced a crossroads in their life. The dilemma was to keep racing and follow the dream of becoming a NASCAR champion or trade the helmet for a headset and help some of America’s best young talent sharpen their skills and assist them in claiming the NASCAR ladder.

The choice wasn’t easy but it turned out to be a good decision as 13 years later the father and son team operate one of the most successful driver development teams in the country. Now operating out of a 7,500 sq foot shop in Denver, NC the team has assisted in starting the careers of many talented auto racing stars such as Pietro Fittipaldi, Kate Dallenbach, Kyle Larson and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. to name a few.

With a solid footing in the industry, LFR now looks to focus on it’s new group of drivers helping to fine tune their skills on and off the track. Each year the competition gets stronger so to stay atop of such a competitive industry you must adapt and think more outside the box. Each program is tailored to fit each clients needs. Since LFR has also been able to create partnerships with larger NASCAR teams, there is now a clear path for our clients to take to achieve their life goal of becoming a NASCAR superstar.

Now with more focus than ever before, Lee Faulk Racing and Development continues to look for new talent while developing their current roster in 2017.